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Friday, April 15, 2011
For those of you that have read, Love Sucks, you very well know that there is going to be a sequel. Today, I'm going to post a little snippet from A Sucker For Love, the sequel to Love Sucks! Enjoy and have an awesome weekend! ENGLAND 1722 Jean Pierre gazed out into the vast, surroundings of the English countryside. He turned his attention toward the small farmhouse that rested on the outskirts of the acreage of property. Blood curdling screams ricocheted off the walls as his minions ransacked the house. This family would satisfy their blood lust, for now. It had only been a day since he had left France, yet his accent had already faded. That was what it was like being a vampire in the eighteenth century. You have to blend in with the company you are surrounded with. You have to adapt, making yourself one of their own. There is no in between. It’s either adapt, and create this new version of yourself, or die. Over the centuries, he had become a great many people. A Viking Warrior, a Greek fisherman, a noble Irish man. Every time he took on a new persona, he found that he perfected the façade he was putting up. So far, that façade had kept him alive for two hundred years. The three men he had turned when he arrived, staggered out of the house, carrying the flailing bodies of it’s inhabitants. A women, in her mid-thirties who Jean Pierre assumed was the mother, reached up, digging her nails into Henry’s wrist. Although Henry felt nothing, and the fingernails snapped on contact with the skin. It enraged him, and he turned toward Jean Pierre for approval, an evil glint in his brown eyes.


  1. You know I'm sitting on the edge of my seat for this book, Lauren! I'm loving what I see already. Time to reread "Love Sucks" I think. I need my fix!

  1. Intriguing slice! Good luck with it.

  1. wonderful to get a glimpse inside your book!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Love Sucks should be arriving at my door this week. I can't wait. This snippet from your next book just makes me want to read the first one even more.

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