Submission Guidelines

I am one of those people that does absolutely everything on the internet. So please query me by email only.

What to include in your query:

A brief synopsis of your proposed novel.

The type of novel and the word count.

A short bio of your qualifications.

The first three pages of your manuscript.

(All of this should be pasted into the body of the email.)

Please do not send any unsolicited attachments. If I like what I read, I'll request a partial.

Response time for queries in anywhere from 1-3 weeks.
Partials, 4-8 weeks. Full Manuscripts 8-12 weeks.

Because of the amount of queries I receive, if you do not hear from me in 12 weeks it's a pass for me.

Query me at

Please make sure the word Query is in the subject line of the email along with the title of your manuscript.