You Are What You Write.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
When it comes to writing, one thing I pride myself in is always writing from the heart. It's so important when you are developing characters that really put yourself in their shoes. You have to really put yourself into the book. Otherwise, you have a bunch of flat characters running around. And flat characters, equal a boring book. I like my characters to be strong, vibrant, vigilant. I try not to repeat myself and write the same character over and over again. After all, this is the literary world. There so many different books and I like the fact that I can offer my readers some variety. Whether it be a vampire trying to make humans understand her, or a man who'll journey to hell and back for the woman he loves, or even angsty teen who builds up this wall to keep herself from feeling. Relating to the characters is so important for readers and writers alike. That's why I say; I am what I write.


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