New Novel! Memoirs Of A Charity Girl.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
I began this literary piece back in 2007. I originally wrote it as a screenplay but, like most of my screenplays, I go back to them and rewrite them as novels. I often find, that there is so much more to these stories that need to be told.

Charity Girl, is a coined phrase from the 1920's that refers to a prostitute. That's what I am, a prostitute. Call me a whore, slut, harlot, call me whatever you like. It was my own decisions that led me down this path, no one else's. I have no one to blame but myself for my actions. It's not like this was a childhood dream of mine. I didn't wake up one day and decide to sell my body. I did it because of the drugs. Heroin. It's like a magical gift to a junkie like me. And if you think for one second, that this would never happen to you, think again, it can happen to anyone.
I was you, you were me. I was your daughter, your niece, your sister, your friend, your next door neighbor, even. When you are a teen, you never think that you'll succumb to the temptations of peer pressure. I sure as hell didn't think I could. But look at me now. All it took was one line of oxycontin and I was done for. My previous normal life was a mere illusion. This is my life now.

Excerpt from Memoirs Of A Charity Girl.


  1. Pamela said...:

    Is this book finished, Lauren? Sounds great!

  1. Lola7384 said...:

    In the process of converting it :)

  1. Oh sounds great! Can;t wait to read it! :)

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