Preface.. What Am I???

Monday, September 13, 2010
If you have yet to be sucked in, I am posting the preface for Love Sucks for your reading pleasure. I also have the winners for the YA book giveaway and will be announcing them soon. My busy schedule has put up a minor road block. If you haven't checked out the trailer for Love Sucks, you can view it here You can also check out Love Sucks on good Now for your reading pleasure...

Love Sucks

Andrew took me by the hand and guided me to the end of the room. He positioned me in front of an elongated mirror. I gazed into the mirror intensely.
“What are we looking at?” I asked nervously. He stood behind me with his arms on my shoulders.
“Everything,” he replied.
“What do you mean, everything?”
“Watch and you will see.”
I looked at myself and studied my reflection hard. My skin seemed a lot paler than I remembered. My hair seemed fuller, and the mahogany locks hung down over my shoulder. I opened my mouth to notice my teeth. My sharp fang-like teeth were monstrous and scary.
I turned away from myself, ashamed of what I had become.
Andrew gently moved my face back so I could glance at myself once again. I looked up and was forced to stare at my distasteful image. Andrew seemed pleased to see me so unhappy. He leaned down to my ear and spoke so softly and so eloquently it was like music.
“You can run more swiftly and rapidly than you did before. You have a heightened sense of smell. You have fangs. You have instincts like an animal. You are incredibly attractive.”
That last statement made me smile.
“Your skin is icy and solid.”
He stopped, and I gazed at him through the mirror. He was so statuesque, so beautiful. I indulgently imagined him courting me and how much I would enjoy his company. Something about him made me fear and love him at the same time.
He spoke again and startled me. “Cara, I want you to look at yourself in the mirror.”
I did as I was told. He twisted a piece of my hair in his fingers. I wanted him to ravish me, I wanted him to embrace me tightly and never let go. I couldn’t understand what drew me to him, but I didn’t care.
“Why am I doing this?” I asked impatiently.
“Because, Cara, your image is telling what you want to know you are, you just refuse to believe it.”
“I don’t know what I am.”
When Andrew truly understood I was confused, he whispered softly into my ear. “My dear, you are a creature of the night. You are a vampire.”


  1. Jaz.parks said...:

    I loved it! Thank you! :D


  1. nymfaux said...:

    Lauren--All your story teasers are driving me crazy!!!!! (in a good way!)--when will more of your books be released????

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