You know I'd Die For You..

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Or cut off my wings for you...

Okay, let me kick this off by saying I've already written a post about this book. But, it's so beautiful and utterly fantastic that I had to write another one about it.

Ashes To Angels by: Natalie McCollum is a love story told as a horror story and a horror story told as a love story about a fallen angel named Auryn who cuts off her wings for the man she loves, Asher, an artist who just happens to be an atheist.

I was awed at the tale of these two star-crossed lovers, whose relationship can be summed up in one word, troublesome.

The entire novel is written poetically. When I read it, I felt like I was reading the lyrics to a haunting love song.

So, I thought I'd give you a sample of what drew me to this story and tell you, prepare to be wowed.

So, I give you this week's Book quote of the week....

"There was a girl who fell out of the sky, they say, a love story drop-out, horror story knock-out, delinquent daughter of poison love, no sleeping pills to anesthetize the wing amputation, just gravity's laws of laceration." Natalie McCollum~ Ashes To Angels~


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Ooh, this sounds good! Thanks for sharing.

  1. Lola7384 said...:

    Read it Sarah. It's totally worth it.

  1. Cat said...:

    That is a really neat quote. I just shivered with the beauty of those two lines.

  1. Sounds fantastic. Must check on it. Thanks.

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