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Thursday, January 20, 2011
I have to spout off a little bit on this whole Snooki book thing... It has really peeved me in the worst way.

Number one: Because society will actually read her novel. (that wasn't actually written by her)

Number two: Because she said this: I just called my manager and told them what to put in the book, just like every other novelist.~ Snooki~

That last quote had me fuming. I think you readers will realize that every once in a great while, I go off on rants about subjects that bug me and this is one of them.

I will probably never read her book. Why? Because do you no how many writers that are out there that work so hard, and are so talented, that actually deserve to have their novels read. And when you pick up their book and read the first page, you can tell that they poured their heart in soul into it. They don't just do it for the money or to say they did it. They do it because it's their passion..

That's all I'm saying..



  1. I totally agree. There are so many writers out there who DESERVE to be published, and yet, Snooki gets a book deal by calling her manager and telling them what she wants in her book.

    *Insert me banging my head off my desk

  1. Maybe we should have a different name for novels that are published based on celebrity alone. Maybe "Covels" or "Celebooks"?

    I wonder if there are a lot of people that will now think they need to get a manager first, then tell them what to put in their novel.

  1. Legacy said...:

    I live in NYC and Barnes and nobles has a lot of sighnings. I see alot of celebrity books coming out that I just don't get. It's not right that just because they're famous that entitles them to be published. You have to earn that, famouse or not.
    Here's my thing just because it's published doesn't mean the book will do well or that it will be a well written book. If someone else is writing it for them though who is to say. Good subject Oh yeah it was the Kardashian sisters I saw up for signing. That one day I was really annoyed. I'm not trying to be disrespectful about them, but they're famouse because they are rich now they have a book and kids are swarming to read it probably because they want to be like them. I think it sends a bad message out. Teens need to know not everything is about vanity and glamour, or money for that matter. I know I said a lot but that's how I feel. I get you on this subject Lauren.

  1. I admit I was curious and I picked up one of her books at Target. Someone had thrown into the magazine racks. Not sure if they were disgusted or what.

    The first chapter was all about ratting her hair to make that poff she's famous for. The writing didn't seem bad though I know it's a ghostwriter not hers.

    Personally I thought Hillary Duff's YA was worse. All those adverbs and flowerly words. Makes me think she might have actually wrote her book!

    Still in a way I can see why these books get picked up. They have a brand and almost guarantee they will sell which sucks for the rest of us. Though it might also might have more people check out YA books.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Lauren, I agree with you 100%.

  1. I am in total agreement with you!!!

  1. Sarah said...:

    Honestly, I've been trying not to think about it too much, because it makes me really sad. Then sadness turns to anger and I start ranting to people who couldn't care less. But, yeah. I'm with you. The whole thing sucks.

  1. I hadn't heard about it. I guess I don't pay enough attention to celebrities.

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