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Monday, December 27, 2010

Sadly, Christmas is over :(... I always hate when the holiday's come to an end...

And honestly, I have to say that most of my Christmas money went toward one thing, books....

Yesterday I picked up, The Hollow by Jessica Verday, My Soul To Take by Rachel Vincent, I ordered Beastly, and picked up the book that houses this week's BQOTW,
The Forest Of Hands And Teeth by: Carrie Ryan.

I'm a big fan of anything that has to do with the undead, so I knew this would be a book I adored. So far I'm on page 30 and it hasn't disappointed me yet.

"I want to sleep, I want dreams to pull me from this world and make me forget. To stop the memories from swirling around me. To put an end to this ache that consumes me." ~ Carrie Ryan~ The Forest Of Hands And Teeth.

Go pick up this book! I promise you, you won't regret it!


  1. Pamela said...:

    I went book shopping right before Christmas and dropped over $150. I heart books!

  1. Lola7384 said...:

    Me too .. I'm going out again today :)

  1. My son gave me 3 books and I already have a tableful to read. So nice for these cold winter days.

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