A Light Bulb Went Off In My Head..

Friday, December 17, 2010
I don't know about you guys, but I get the best ideas for novels when I'm dreaming. I even resort to sleeping with a notebook next to my bed in case I come up with something really good and I don't want to forget it when I wake up.

I had another one of those dreams last night.. So what did I do? You know the drill, I woke up this morning and wrote it down. And I don't want to spill the beans too much but I'll give you a hint.. It's a historical YA novel, set in 19th century England.

While I'm working on it, I'll leave you with a litte quote from it. More like a teaser for you to think about over the weekend.

" The papers called him The Ripper." ~ Lauren Hammond~ White Chapel


  1. Pamela said...:

    My ideas come while I'm driving and that's when I grab my phone and audio record before I forget anything. This morning, in fact, I came up with an idea for a children's book, FINALLY! Yay us!!

  1. Ah, I get it.
    As for me, I get some of my best ideas when I'm driving long distance.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Sounds good to me. Yes, I do have ideas at night when I'm least likely to feel like writing! Occasionally I write them down but most of the time I hope I'll remember in the morning.

    Unfortunately, I have a memory like a sieve!!

    CJ xx

  1. Regina said...:

    I do this when I sleep a lot too, but mostly when I am driving and the music is up. Ideas just come storming into my brain. I hate to drive but love the ideas. lol

  1. Yum Yum! A new novel, I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to see it unfold. I have a folder full of new ideas that I can't wait to write.

  1. Great line.

    I've had dreams with ideas, but mostly voices whisper in my ear.

  1. Sarah said...:

    Ah, I love, love, love work on Jack the Ripper. So interesting!

    Glad you got a jolt of inspiration; it's amazing how the subconscious mind works. I seem to get all my best ideas either in the shower or while driving and rocking out to the radio.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Most of my ideas come when I'm in the shower. Apparently hot water relaxes me and makes the creative juices flow. Congrats on the new idea. Sounds interesting.

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