Don't Quit Your Dayjob....

Thursday, December 2, 2010
Don't quit your dayjob... That's a phrase I actually find comical..Do you how many times writers hear this? I could put together at least five books everytime someone has said this to me..

The funny thing is, is that if I didn't hear people telling me this, I probably wouldn't have pushed myself as hard as I have. It's funny how a little bit of negativity works.

I set out to prove that no matter what anyone thinks, I do have the drive and determination to succeed and for my young age, have done so thus far.

In a way, I think most of the people with negative attitudes should be thanked..
Why? Because they are the ones who sit there and drown in their own pessimistic ways while the positive people with focus outshine them.

Sure the literay industry is a tough one to crack. That's just being realistic. But we as humans are unique individuals, who are capable of anything.. Never give up,
never suurender... Those are the two things I've told myself over the last five years and I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without them.. Live your dreams, don't let negativity ruin you... That's just how I roll.



  1. Sarah said...:

    The good news is that one can hold a day job and still find time to chase after dreams. :)

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