You Had Me At Hello...

Monday, July 26, 2010
When I reached the bottom of the building, I turned the corner still running. I wasn't paying attention. A young, attractive doctor rounded the corner and bumped into me. I stumbled a bit and he caught me by the arm. He dropped all of the papers in his hands on the ground and bent down to pick them up. He stood back up and looked into my eyes. "I'm so sorry miss. I'm so clumsy." I nervously brushed the wrinkles from my skirt. "It's quite alright." The young doctor eyed me up and down. His chiseled jaw line and electric blue eyes reminded me of Andrew. " You coming from a show?" I looked at him confused. "A show?" " Yeah, you're one of those method actors aren't you, for one of those Shakespeare plays?" I stepped closer and looked deeply into his eyes. That was all I needed. From that moment, I knew he was my match. The one person who was designed for me.

Excerpt from Love Sucks 8/3/2010 Get sucked in!


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