Queen Of The Dead

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Persephone turned her gaze to Charis. "Charis, are you going to tell me?" Charis exhaled slowly.
"Take your finger off of the stem first." Persephone looked down at her fingers then back up at Charis. "How do I know you aren't trying to trick me?" "I swear on my sister's life I will tell you." "Charis!" Chloe squealed. Persephone imagined that swearing on your sibling's life was a very serious thing. She looked down at the flower one more time, then slowly removed her fingers from the stem. She stood slowly and looked Charis directly in the eye. "Now, explain." She commanded. " You cannot pick that flower because it isn't a flower that comes from our world. It comes from the world beneath us." Persephone was puzzled. " I still don't understand." She stated sounding confused. Chloe then stepped forward. "You cannot pick that flower because that flower is an Asphodel. The flower of the dead."

Excerpt from Queen Of The Dead~~


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