Wednesday, July 21, 2010
While Audrey and I hunted, you could cut the tension with a knife. The funny thing was that I actually wanted to get along with her. She just always had to make it so difficult. Audrey sprinted ahead of me in a blur. All I could see was her red hair swaying in the wind. As long as I had her in sight, I didn't mind if she was a few steps ahead. When I caught up to her, I noticed she had stopped. She was lurking quietly behind a tree so I slipped behind the tree next to her. I glanced around to see a group of men with torches standing in a circle. I looked at Audrey with fear in my eyes. She smiled slyly. "Watch and learn." I shook my head disapprovingly. " Don't do it Audrey, it's not a good idea." She laughed at me maliciously. " Listen to the little newborn trying to tell me what to do."

Excerpt from Love Sucks 8-3-2010
Get sucked in!


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