Step Three: Writing your Query Letter.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
A query letter is basically a one page sales pitch. Your query letter can make you or break you. A query letter should include the length of your novel, genre, target audience, a brief synopsis, and short bio about you, yourself, the author. In the header do not write to whom this may concern. You should know the name of the person who is reading it and address them as so: Mrs. Mary Jones, for example. Some agencies, and or publishers prefer email queries, while others prefer snail mail queries. Make sure you check under their company guidelines to which method the company prefers. You can expect anywhere between a four week and eight week waiting period while your query is being reviewed. Remember, patience is a virtue, do not be hasty. In time, the companies will get back to you. If they haven't, you should assume that they are not interested in your book. Do not send multiple emails regarding your status, if they are interested they will contact you.


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