The King Of The Underworld

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Hades sat rigidly still on his throne. He gazed out into the dark abyss known as the underworld. The underworld in which he was the tyrannical ruler of. Normally he loved the thought of being alone. But latetly, that loneliness was getting to him. He peered over his right shoulder to nothing beside him, then to his left, still nothing. The quiet engulfed him until he had nothing with him but his thoughts. At times, he cursed his brother Zeus for damning him to this life. But at times he also praised him. Hades was never like the other God's on Mount Olympus. The wicked and despicable things he was capable of would haunt his brother's and sister's to the core. He was sure of it.

Excerpt from The King Of The Underworld...


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