The Audacity Of Humans

Thursday, June 10, 2010
You know, my mother raised me to treat others how I would want to be treated. And I know I usually talk about writing on here. But I had an experience yesterday that I just had to talk about. People never cease to amaze me. Yesterday I was on my lunch break standing in a very crowded subway restaraunt. There were only two girls working and the lines were very long. It seemed as if at that moment everyone in the world was on their lunch hour. So, while I waited patiently in line, these two morons in front of me begin to shouting at the subway girl for not making their subs fast enough. I took a moment to scan the overly crowded establishment. It was packed. And I thought to myself, these girls are doing the best they can. I truly felt sorry for the girl behind the counter. Her cheeks were red with embarassment and she had become a spectacle. So I waited for the two rude idiots to leave, walked up the counter and said, "they were rude weren't they?" The subway girl smiled and nodded. Then I began to speak again. " You know," I began, "What you really should of said was: Why don't I come down to the street corner and tell you how to do your job." Then maybe you wouldn't be here telling me how to do mine." The girl laughed and it felt good that I was able to cheer her up.


  1. nymfaux said...:

    LOVE the street corner line!!!!

    And I'm totally with you on people needing to treat people better--I know I feel better when I see someone smile--I know your new title is "Love Sucks," but I think being rude and angry sucks even more!--Yea for you for helping brighten someone's day--I definitely believe that what you put out there comes back around in one way or another!

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