When I saw Andrew.....

Thursday, May 27, 2010
Andrew is a character who has a very short lived part in this book but, all in all, his part is a principal one. Andrew teaches Cara to embrace herself and he also teaches her to be what she truly is, a vampire. Although Andrew is described as being drop dead gorgeous, he is never more than a friend, or ally to Cara. He is more of like a father figure, guiding the young and feeble vampire through her new born years. I could see someone like Paul Walker playing the part of Andrew.


  1. Pamela said...:

    As short-lived as Andrew's life was in the book, he was definitely my favorite. He had a sense of mystery beneath the surface, as open as he was. I smell a book here all in itself!

    A YA writer friend of mine wrote a blog entry about a crush she had on a character from a book she recently read. Then she tossed it out to her followers asking who their crush may have been. Guess who mine was?

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