S.O.S Someone Help Me!

Friday, May 21, 2010
I opened my eyes to shear and utter darkness. It surrounded me on all four sides and consumed me. I put my hands out and slowly felt around. I realized I was trapped. I screamed out raspily at the top of and pounded on the top of the box I was inside of. "Let me out!" I shouted with panic in my voice. Ther was an intense ache in my stomach that was throbbing. I listened for the sound of my own breath, but heard nothing. I continued pounding on the inside of this box the suddenly, I stop feeling defeated. I ran the tip of my tounge over my teeth. My once flat and smooth teeth were now sharp and pointy. During that moment, I was literally stunned. What has happened? Where am I? Why am I trapped in this box?

Excerpt from Love Sucks


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