Don't let skeezy people ruin you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
I once spoke to a producer about one of my scripts.. He seemed genuine and nice. Let's just call this guy Nick. I began speaking to Nick because I discovered we were from the same area. I think it's nice that people in the business can talk to one another if they are from the same place. It's informational to trade stories. Well let's just say Nick had other things in mind. You see Nick, falls under the stereotype of that typical, perverted, skeezy, hollywood, producer. No, they are not all like that. I have actually met some really nice and helpful ones. But Nick, on the other hand, I'd rather die of suffication on my own vomit than ever speak to him again. Nick told me I needed to move to California. And I was like I'm planning on it eventually I'll have to. Because not only am I a novelist, I write screenplays as well. And Nick said to me, do you want to know how you can really make it? And I was naive so I said sure...


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