Riley loves Henry. Henry loves Riley.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hi Everyone!!!!

Sooo tomorrow He Loves Me...He Loves You Not my eBook novella comes out!! YaY! This book was so much fun to write! So today I'm posting chapter one for you to read! Hope you enjoy it... And I hope it makes you swoon :)

Chapter 1

"Love prefers twilight to daylight.”~ Oliver Wendell Holmes ~

Friday night is for lovers. An early morning tryst. A passionate dalliance.

It’s two in the morning, but I can’t sleep. I’m anxious because I know he’ll be here any minute.

I watch the moonlight as the glowing beams seep through my open window and dance along the hardwood floor. A minute passes. Then five. Next ten.

A cool summer breeze whips through my pale blue curtains and the sound of soft footsteps cuts into the silence engulfing my bedroom. He pushes back the curtains and I swear I can see his perfect smile gleaming in the dark.


The anxious feeling subsides as the springs in my mattress squeak and Henry crawls into bed with me. His warm fingers slide over my bare hip and I shiver. My time with him is limited so when I get it, I’m happy, so happy that I cry. His touch thrills me, electrifies me, and sends a jolt throughout my body.

“You’re too far away,” he murmurs. His voice reminds me of the man in black. Deep, raspy, sexy.

I let out a restrained laugh. “I’m right next to you.”

“Still not close enough.”

He tugs on my hip bone and I scoot backwards, closer. So close that I feel like at any given moment we might melt together and become one.

He exhales into the curve of my neck and his hot breath trails down my back, igniting my insides. I swallow hard, so consumed with my desire for him that the burning sensation coursing through my veins is overwhelming. I contemplate telling him to hold me forever. To never let me go. But I don’t. That might sound too needy. Too desperate.

He kisses my hair and whispers, “I missed you.”

I reach for his arm pulling it around me tighter. Goosebumps rise all over my body as his fingertips tickle my stomach. My voice quivers, “I missed you, too.”

I find his crystalline blue eyes in the dark and he crooks me a wicked yet beautiful smile. “Kiss me.”

And I do. I kiss him fervently and passionately. My lips flutter overtop of his in a frenzy of seductive bliss and inside I tell myself I’d rather suffocate than sacrifice a moment from kissing him to come up for air.

He rolls over, half on top of me and clutches my bare thigh. I’m delirious. Lost in him. My fingers dig into his back as his lips brush against my collar bone.

Henry. Henry. Henry.

Inside I’m screaming. Don’t stop. Never take your hands off me. I love you.

But those thoughts are unrealistic fantasies.

He’s taken. Some other girl’s property. And just like me, she anticipates a gentle brush from his lips. She anticipates his warm enchanting smile, and his tender loving touch.

And sadly she has something that I don’t…

All of him.
An hour later, he’s putting his pants on, kissing my forehead and sliding back out my window.

“Stay,” I say, softer than a whisper.

I know he won’t. He never does. And for me to think that he ever will is wishful thinking.

He doesn’t hear me. He’s gone. And I lose it.

I shove my face into my pillow and scream. Cry. Sob. An agonizing, dull pain pumps through my heart and I feel like I’m dying inside.

I’m trembling, tucked into a ball. I’m so weak that it makes me sick.

If I was a strong person, I’d tell him to fuck off and never crawl back through my window ever again.

I’d tell him that what we’re doing isn’t okay. Cheating is morally wrong. But I love him so much it makes my whole body ache when I think I might never see him again.

Now I truly understand what it feels like to be the other woman.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Hope you enjoyed this!

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  1. khashway said...:

    Awesome! Somehow you made me feel bad for the other woman (your MC). You amaze me at how well you get inside a character and make them sympathetic, no matter what they've done. I can't wait to get this tomorrow. :)

  1. Ha! I got to read this early and it's AH-mazing!! Perfect if you just want to read something you can't put down and need one swoon-worthy moment after another :D

  1. wow - feeling like I need a cold shower now. need to finish what I'm reading so I can get to this one ASAP!

  1. Ahh...I want more! That was great. Can't wait to read the story!!

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