Art Thou, Destined?

Friday, October 28, 2011

When Psyche receives a prophecy gone horribly wrong, she learns that even the most beautiful girl in Greece can have a hideous future. Her fate? Fall in love with the one creature even the gods fear.

As she feels herself slipping closer into the arms of the prophecy, Psyche must choose between the terrifyingly tender touch she feels almost powerless to resist and the one constant she's come to expect out of life: you cannot escape what is destined.


Who's excited for the weekend? Me me me!!! Is anybody dressing up?

I have special treat for you today! My book review of Destined, by Jessie Harrell.

For those of you that follow or read this blog, you know me, I'm Greek Myth fanatic and Greek myth re-telling fanatic. And as far as re-tellings go, Destined, is God-like and fantastic!

Destined is a re-telling of the myth of Cupid and Psyche. In the myth, Psyche is a beautiful maiden, who knows that she's beautiful and even claims to be more beautiful than Aphrodite herself. Enraged, Aphrodite persuades Cupid to shoot Psyche with one of his golden arrows, cursing her to fall in love with a creature so vile, so repulsive, and so horrifying, that no mortal would even think about loving it.

But what the Goddess of Love doesn't expect is for Cupid to accidentally prick himself with his own arrow and fall in love with Psyche himself. With every passing second, Cupid falls deeper and deeper in love with the beautiful mortal and he knows he cannot carry out his mission.

Aphrodite is furious that Cupid failed to follow through with her plan.So she places a curse on Psyche, so that all of her gentleman callers will still find her beautiful, but none of them will desire her as a wife.

In this romantic tale of love and jealousy, despite all the drama, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

What I liked more than anything in Harrell's version of the myth is that you actually feel like you're there. In Ancient Greece. The time is very vividly depicted.

And the interactions between Cupid and Psyche are sensationally-swoon worthy! (most of the time)

This book was magnificent! If you love Greek myths and re-tellings as much as I do... DO NOT HESITATE to pick this up! I promise.... you will not be disappointed.

So what are you waiting for? Add it on goodreads!

Happy Halloween Everyone!



  1. khashway said...:

    I'm really looking forward to this!

  1. Thanks for featuring me today, Lauren!
    I just want your readers to know that Psyche only acts like that in the MYTH. In DESTINED, I hope she comes across as a far more modest beauty. :)

  1. Jessie, I wish you great luck with Destined!

  1. Lola7384 said...:

    Well, yeah in the myth lol. She is def more modest in Destined. <3

  1. Had a fab costume party last night (adults only) - we'll be dressing up again for monday!!

    Just added to be TBR pile :D

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