You Couldn't Hurt A Fly..

Thursday, August 26, 2010
“ You should listen to your mother, she knows what’s best for
you.” When it had to do with my mother, mother knows best didn’t necessarily apply. “Don’t even start that again. I thought we went over this.” “ We did, but she’s right.” Now I was really getting angry. After what had just happened, the last thing I wanted to do was fight with Delilah too. But, I had to get my point across. I wanted this to go so perfectly, so right. It ended up so disastrously it had my blood boiling. “ She’s not right, she has no clue what she’s saying.” “ Grayson you have no idea how right on she actually is.” “ What do you mean?” “ I mean that I really am evil and you’re mother is right.” It was like she was speaking some foreign tongue. I had no I idea where our conversation was going so out of utter oblivion I began laughing. “ What is so funny?” Delilah asked with a hint of coldness to her tone. “ That you think you’re evil. You couldn’t hurt a fly.”

Excerpt from The Truth About Delilah.


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