Beautiful Nightmares and 13 Rounds News!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
So you've all been waiting for this...

Sadly, Beautiful Nightmares and 13 Rounds are not up.

Alas, I am only one person. I have three jobs and there isn't enough time in the day for me to stay on top of everything sometimes.

I got a little overwhelmed. I set unrealistic deadlines and I needed a break to preserve my own sanity trying to juggle everything. As most of you know, I write A LOT. Maybe a little too much. My books usually come out really close together and after thinking about this I decided that I will not release any of my future novels right on top of each other.

I needed to take a breather so I did. Now I'm back and feeling much better.

Beautiful Nightmares is my first priority right now. There were lots of things wrong. It wasn't just minor stuff. Paragraph's ended up missing, words were out of place, etc. I'm going to have an editor read through it just to be sure it's good as far as that goes and I'll say with certainty that it will be up by December 26,2012.

Once again I'm so, so, sorry for the delay. I know it's wrong to keep everyone waiting, but I had a lot going on at once and found myself unable to think clearly involving the release. I did not want to put a error-filled book just to please everyone. So I'm really and truly sorry for the delay.

13 Rounds and Yelling Out Loud. I get a lot of messages regarding these books. 13 Rounds is the second book I'll be focusing on and I'll have that one out by the end of January. I'll post the definite date soon and Yelling Out Loud most likely won't be released until Feb or March.

I have learned that I need to focus on one book at a time so I don't drive myself crazy, so that is what I'm going to do.

I hope you all understand. Thank you so much for your passion, devotion, and for loving my books so much. I appreciate it fully and whole-heartedly and I know that I'd be nothing without you. And finally, once again, I'm sorry.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Thanks for the update! I am glad you have figured things out and are back!! I look forward to your books :)

  1. Thanks for letting us know what's going on:) Good luck, and I'm looking forward to future releases!

  1. I am sure both books will be worth the wait!!

    Looking forward to more of your books!!

  1. Hi, I'm looking forward do 13 Rounds :) I just wanted to ask if there's any news about that one.
    Good luck with everything :)

  1. Any news on 13 Rounds, I'm dying to read it.

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