My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century Winners and Beautiful Nightmare News!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Hello Readers!


I have a few things to announce today.

First, I asked Rachel Harris to pick the winners of the My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century Giveaway and here are the two winners she selected!

Caterina Torres and Mahlia Khan! Congrats ladies you'll be receiving an email soon.

Secondly, I have an announcement involving Beautiful Nightmares and sadly, most of you will be disappointed by it being that the release date is being moved back. This is out of my control. I do not have the final cover images yet and as most of you know the book is being released as a bundle paperback as well and I do not want to separate the releases of the paperback and eBook. So it will not be coming out until next Saturday....

However if you are waiting for the paperback... All three books will be included in the bundle, Insanity, White Walls, and Beautiful Nightmares along with the bonus scenes.

Honestly, this is my first bundle release for paperback so it has been a little overwhelming and I appreciate all of the support from the fans who wanted a copy of the paperback as well as the eBook.

Thank you so much.


  1. eeeeeeeeeeep!! so excited! this is the first giveaway i won!! thank you rachel harris and lauren hammond, can't wait for beautiful nightmares!!

  1. Unknown said...:

    YAY I'm so happy I won! I haven't gotten an email yet in regards to this. In case it wasn't up before, my email is cat(at)caterinatorres(dot)com

    -Caterina Torres

  1. yeah, i didn't get an email yet either. here's my address :

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