Squee! 12 Rounds Cover Reveal and More Randomness!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Good Morning Readers!

Yes... I know. I know.

I has been FOREVER since I've blogged.


I guess that means I've been busy.

Hey, what can I say?

An agent/writer's life has never been easy.

I've got clients on sub, feedback I'm compiling, a lot of reading to do, and somewhere in between all of that I do find a little writing time for myself. So I am super duper excited to let you see the cover for my latest new adult/adult romance novel, 12 Rounds.


If you guys get a chance to check it out, here's the link to the goodreads page!

Sean (Right-Hook) Reilly knows a few things about himself. One, he's the middle-weight boxing champion of the world with an undefeated record. Two, women find his cocky persona, chiseled biceps, and inked body sexy. Also, the fact that it's known that he doesn't do relationships only adds to his sex appeal. And three, he's Irish, proud of it, and a member of the Braithreachas Don Saol, a branch of the Irish mafia and king pins of the drug cartel taking over the streets of Cleveland.

Connor Doyle(aka Connie) the boss and leader of the Braithreachas Don Saol, has been like a father to Sean, taking him under his wing and teaching him how to survive on the streets after the death of his parents. Sean has never been ungrateful, but has always wanted one thing...

More. More to live for. More to fight for. More to believe in. A chance at a future without drugs or guns. A chance at a future without wondering which day will be his last.

There's only one problem with that. You live by the braithreachas. You die by the braithreachas. And Sean knows whether Connie considers him to be family or not, the only way he'll be leaving the braithreachas is in a body bag.

Hadlee Flax has had a year to overcome her issues. After almost being raped and brutalized, she's putting her best foot forward, seeing a therapist, and has even(with some persuasion from her best friend, Lara) enrolled in self defense classes. And she's doing well moving on with her life until she meets the dark, and conflicted Irish boxing champion of the world, Sean Reilly.

Hadlee is immediately drawn to the gorgeous, cold, and mysterious man who speaks with a slight Irish brogue. She soon learns that there is much more to him than his darkened gaze, cool demeanor, and body covered in tattoos. He's not the type of man she thought he was. And Hadlee finds herself doing something she never thought she would do in the last year...

Falling for a guy.

Falling for Sean Reilly. A man who is on the path to becoming a boxing legend.

One thing Hadlee doesn't know is the other part of Seans' life. His life of drug running, and killing. Or the fact that when he's not boxing he's walking the streets with a gat tucked into the back of his loose jeans, and glancing over his shoulder at every turn.

But it doesn't take Hadlee long to learn that some attractions and relationships can be fatal.

And sometimes...

They just might be worth fighting for.


  1. Ooh...this sounds wicked!!! I love it and NA??? My kinda read for sure :D Adding to my TBR

  1. Wow! Fantastic cover. Sounds like a great story. Congratulations.

  1. Sounds great, Lauren, and I love the cover!

  1. Sexy time on that cover. Looks and sounds great!

  1. Ooh, sounds like fun...Gorgeous cover. I write about an Irish family (my husbands pple are Irish), so whenever I see anything Irish, I'm there.

  1. Oooo,this sounds great and that cover ... SWOON!

  1. I saw the tats and thought, "I'm in." :)

  1. Hi Ms. Hammond,
    First time I'm reading a book written by you. I really fell in love with 12 Rounds and your writing style.
    The romance and the chemistry between Sean and Hadlee is so hot it keeps the reader wanting more. I can't wait for book 2, and to find out how the romance evolve between Hadlee and Sean. They need each other, and I hope they fight and stand for each others love.
    Thank you Ms. Hammond great book series.

  1. Hi Ms. Hammond,
    Wow!! I loved this book what a chemistry between Sean and Hadlee. I can't wait for book 2. I hope Sean and Hadlee unite and fight for each othe. Both need each other.
    Love your serie, and awaiting book 3.
    Thank you.
    Marie Chantal

  1. I can wait until the next one... any news on when that might be?

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