White Walls Teaser!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012
Good morning Readers!

I know it's been a good while since I've posted.

With agenting and writing, my life has been a little hectic lately.

What I'm most excited about though, is the opportunity to share a little snippet from the sequel to Insanity, White Walls.

If you've read Insanity, you know that this is a trilogy and the last book in the series will be Beautiful Nightmares. White Walls I assure you, is packed full of crazy, creepy, and plenty of swoon-worthy romance.

I hope you enjoy the teaser!

And be sure to check it out on June 19th!

White Walls Teaser!

In my head, I hear Mommy's voice.

There is no Daddy. It's like he never existed. It's always just me and Mommy.

Me and Mommy.

Me and Mommy.

The sun drips into the horizon splashing colors of yellow, brown, molten orange with fragmented hints of pink. The assortment of colors fill my gaze and I close my eyes as a gust of cool wind blows tendrils of black from my cheeks. Mommy stands behind me, pushing me on the tire swing. She sings to me.



Little bird, little bird, spread your wings and fly. Little bird, little bird soar through the sky.” Her voice is warm and harmonious as it flits through the air. The sound of it brings me so much joy.

“Mommy,” I giggle with a grin and glance at her over my shoulder.

She smiles back at me. The smile touches her violet eyes, and there's a flush of pink in her pale cheeks. “I love you, little bird.”

“I love you too, Mommy.”

“I have to go, little bird. Be good now.”

I frown and tears spring to my child-like eyes. “No Mommy! Don't leave me!”

Mommy doesn't listen. Her smile twists from a happy one to a sad one as she backs away from me. “Be good, little bird, be good.”

The tire swing soars higher. I turn, tears dripping off my chin and reach out for her. “No Mommy! Please don't leave me!”

“I'm sorry little bird.” Mommy catches the tire swing by the rope handles and places her lips against my ear. I can feel her skin resting against mine. Her flesh is cold. Clammy. Dead. “I'll always love you, Adelaide. Now be good and fly away,” she whispers. Her voice isn't warm anymore. It's scratchy, raspy, and ragged.

“I want you to fly with me, Mommy. Please,” I beg her in my tiny voice and choke on a sob lodged in my throat. “Please Mommy.”

I face her and rest my forehead against the rope. The sky darkens, the bright colors evaporate, and raindrops that look like ashes float down from the heavens, coating the dead brown and yellow grass in our front yard. Mommy walks backwards, slowly. Wobbly. I try to run after her, but an invisible force straps my thighs to the swing. Thrashing, I contort the upper half of my body as far as I can. Pain stabs at my heart and I cry out for her one last time. “Mommy! No!”

The woman I see behind me isn't my mommy. The woman behind me has skin that's melting away from her bones, all dull, gray, and lifeless. Her vibrant violet eyeballs are bulging from her head, and tiny droplets of blood drip from her sockets.

I scream.

I sob.

I shake.

Out of fear and out of pain.

The woman behind me begins to disintegrate. Her skin melts away from her muscles and organs and turns to ash when it hits the ground. She's open, exposed, and I can see her heart pounding. I hear her life-force thumping. Ba boom. Ba boom. Seconds later the pinkish, red organs' steady beat slows before the organ itself shrivels into a deep crimson colored rock and falls out of her chest. Dropping my head into my small hands, I cry quietly to myself. The woman behind me is not my mommy.


The woman behind me is nothing but a corpse. 

Just to be clear, I wanted to address the genre of Insanity and it's sequels. So many people think this is YA. It is not. It is far too graphic in some areas to be considered YA. And it was never intended to be YA. It's actually a New Adult novel as are the sequels. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the teaser!



  1. That was awesome!! Cannot wait to read it!! June 19th come quicker!

  1. When is this coming out? I want to read it now! LOL. Insanity was crazy good, and I can't wait to get my hands on this one. :) Need a beta reader? I'm volunteering.

  1. Great teaser - I was grossed out a bit when her mommy starts desolving (as I'm sure you know and wanted me to feel). So sad. Can't wait to see what happens to Adelaide next. <3

  1. Sounds awesome! Poor Adelaide :(

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