So...What Are You Writing?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Good Morning, Readers!

It's been a while.

I've been away from the blogger world due to some family things, but I'm excited to be back with this post!

Because this post is about WIP's. Yay!

Lately, I'd been in a writing slump. Mainly because of all of things that had been going on in my personal life, but I'm excited to say that I've found my voice again. And I can't even begin to express how good that feels.

It's amazing.



So I'm going to share a little piece of my new WIP with you. I'm actually super excited because this will be my first adult romance novel, that and... It's hot, steamy, and spine tingling at the same time.

So here is a teaser for my latest WIP- Insanity(Asylum 1)

I panic, screaming louder, and thrash as hard as I can. The orderly’s in front of me grip my wrists harder and I can see one clearly through my strands of unwashed hair. Thick black hair, blue blue eyes, and toasted almond skin. He doesn't look at me like the chubby one with pale, ashy hair next to him is looking at me. He's not looking at me like I'm crazy. He's looking at me like he feels sorry for me. Like he wants to take me away from this gloomy prison and hide me from the doctors with needles and metronomes.

Please, blue eyes.

Save me.

Be my prince charming.

My knight in shining armor.

Rescue me from a burning tower of depression, sadness, and misery.

He doesn't.

The needle plunges into my skin and I let out a whimper. The drug blasts through my veins and infiltrates my bloodstream, shutting every organ inside of me down for the night. Widening my eyes, I fight off the effects of the drug as it works its way through my body. I clench my fists defiantly, trying to scream again, but I'm too weak, too tired, and too over taken by the drugs to do anything but moan inaudibly.

I hear the doctor. “Just wait until it takes full effect.” His voice is muffled, fading away, pretty soon I can't hear him at all anymore. I think my door closes.

There's a ringing in my ears that I can't shut out. There's a hand on my wrist that doesn't let go. Before exhaustion takes over I look up. Blue eyes is at the end of the bed. He releases my wrist and laces his fingers through mine. I squint as the sedative blurs my vision, begins to decapitate my mind, and then notice the painful look in those blue blue eyes.

He mouths something.

Six words.

Six words that seem to impossible to be true.

Six words that bleed hope into my soul.

Six words.

“You're not crazy. I love you.”

So now that I've shown you mine, tell me about yours.

What are you writing?


  1. OMG! I want to read this! Seriously, did you have to cut us off there? You're killing me, Laur. LOL. LOVE!

    I'm revising a YA contemporary romance--my first ever. :)

  1. wow - that's intense. sounds like it's going to be awesome!!

  1. That is awesome! Very intense.
    I'm working on a MG fairy tale retelling of Hansel and Gretel. It's been fun. :)

  1. This sounds amazing! Love it! I'm writing a historical Romance of friends to spouses to enemies. ;)

  1. Holy moly, that's creepy. LOVE it! <3

  1. Creepy love and suspenseful. It made me want more. I'm writing the sequel to my book Bandits then will dive into editing of my finished wip Purgatory Reign. But have a total of 2 more books to write on my plate this year and am already way behind :-D Can't wait to hear about the rest of your releases this year.

  1. Love your excerpt.
    I'm happily floating around between a few projects . . .

  1. I'm working on finishing up my YA fantasy, RELIC. There's actually a link to the first 250 words on my blog. It was in After the Madness.

    Your story was awesome! I like your use of one line paragraphs. They really add that umph effect (:

  1. Very fun! I'd love to read that story!

    I'm working on an urban fantasy with swords and a girl pretending to be a boy. Two of my favorite elements. :)

  1. oh, sounds so good! Love that excerpt! Glad you have your voice back, Lauren. I'm working on edits for GS, and the dystop. =) Happy Easter!

  1. Oh man, that was awesome. Glad you found your voice again.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Unbelievable! Who doesn't want to root for a psychopath that might not be a psychopath, lol? Love it.

    I'm working on my debut YA novel. It's exhausting!

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