I Tend To Be Overly Enthusiastic....

Thursday, August 18, 2011
Okay. So some people are humdrum. Some are cool. Some are snarky. The list goes on and on. Me, I tend to be bursting at the seams with enthusiasm,(more often than not)but that's a good thing, right?

The literary world is exciting, so why not be excited about it, right?

This week has been an awesome week. And I'm going to take a moment to praise my talented and amazing clients... You know who you are ;)

Each one of them is unique, brilliant, and they all have one important quality... They're positive. And positivity is infectious.

I'll admit, we all have our down days... Believe me I have them, but.... Then I'll get an email from one of my awesome girls and it makes me feel so much better!

Also.... the book bloggers in the world. So many are amazing, sweet, and love to read. And this one right here made my day a few days ago....

Book bloggers. You rock. And all of us in literary land should be thankful that we have you.

Okay. My positive rant is done. Have a great Thursday everyone!



  1. khashway said...:

    I love your enthusiasm, Lauren. It makes you the best agent ever! I never would've been able to draft a novel in two weeks (Ah! I still can't believe I wrote a book in two weeks!) without your enthusiasm for the project ringing in my ears while I wrote. You're amazing!

  1. It's nice to read such a positive post. Agents who love their clients rock.

  1. Ooh, I've really started getting into post-apocalyptic stories and this looks great! I must go get it.

  1. Mike (husband) laughs every time I tell him about a back and forth between us - he's like - I can't believe you found someone as enthusiastic as you are. This is either going to be awesome, or very, very, dangerous . . .
    Fortunately he's teasing and knows how AWESOME it is :D

    And yeah - there are a LOT of cool people out in the blogosphere.

  1. How much better it is to have all that positive energy than to be "down" about what's going on in your life. I'd say "the cup half full and how great that is" is a much better way to live your life. Congrats on being that kind of person.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I need to chime in on this as well. I've been very impressed with how many reviewers there are out there who take their personal, unpaid time to review books, even at the risk of taking flack from the authors. Very generous of them.

    Paul D. Dail
    www.pauldail.com- A horror writer's not necessarily horrific blog

  1. Jayme said...:

    Pam's post convinced me to buy your book... and lead me here, searching for info! I'm dying to read the next one in this series now and can't wait for it to be released :)

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