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Wednesday, March 30, 2011
So.... Today's blog post is about used bookstores... Let's hear it people. Yay or Nay?

Monday, I went out in search of a novel that neither Borders or my local Library had. So I mosied on into a local used bookstore that I heard about but never visited.

I loved it! They had a huge selection! And that surprised me...In my honest opinion, I think that the independently owned stores are going to thrive in the future staying a float while the corporate stores sink.

I got a personal experience there that I don't think the massive chains offer. The employee working chatted at me with at least twenty minutes on her love of books, what she likes to read, and what books she thought I might like.

And I'm sorry, when I walk into my local Borders or B&N I don't ever feel that way. It's all mechanical and maybe it's just my area, but when I ask for help in finding a book, I always feel like I'm bothering the associate I'm asking.

Maybe some people think different. Maybe it's just me. I'm so the type of person that would rather go to a hole in the wall type of place--that has spirit-- than go to some modern, swanky place that is all the rave.

In the end, I think if you've never gone to a used bookstore, you should try it. You never know what you might walk out with!



  1. I love used bookstores and we have a ton in the city I live in. I've even donated some of my books to one that does consignment.

  1. You are spot on! I love to browse bookstores, big and small but the little shops have more of what I'm searching for with the personal touch. I go to Books A Million for the coffee, not to purchase a book!

  1. I loooove used and old bookstores! Whenever I travel, I always go to one. A favorite thing is to find a children's book from the turn of the century, or from the twenties.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I wish I had some good used bookstores here, but I don't. However, my Borders is amazing! It's new--only about two years old. The staff is amazingly helpful. They greet me at the door. They get to know regular customers and even recommend books to me based on previous purchases. Apparently this is not normal. It should be though!

  1. I loved used bookstores, too. I think they are particularly good for finding books that you've never heard of before. I'm more likely to take a risk on a book I've never heard of if it only costs a few dollars.

  1. Sugarbeat said...:

    Used bookstores are a little slice of heaven! I love wandering the aisles looking for something new to read!

  1. Roza M said...:

    LOL I love this post. For me I love when I ask someone where something is and they go to their computer type it in then say, "It's not back there? Because the computer is showing we have that." So then I feel like an idiot and think I missed it. so I always ask them to come show me where it is. Then when it turns out they really didn't have it, it makes me wonder about their computers and how often they actually unpadte their inventory.

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