Gee Children Drugs are Bad....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
I opened my the drawer of my nightstand, pulling out a tourniquet and a syringe. I set them down on the bed next to me. My hands were shaking so bad, if I didn’t try to steady them, I’d poke right through my vein, wasting all of my precious drug. I clasped my hands together tightly. I tried with all of my might to get a hold of myself. I breathed in and out slowly, waiting for the shakes to calm down. Once I was certain they had, I picked up the tourniquet and wrapped it tightly around my forearm.
Parents, friends, and loved ones always tell you that drugs are bad. But if drugs are so bad, why do they make the pain of every day life go away? And why do they make you feel so damn good?

I picked up the syringe, found a good vein, tapped it, inserted the needle into my arm, then, I let my whole world slip away.

Excerpt From Memoirs Of A Charity Girl.


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