You Found Me, Beautiful Nightmares, and 13 Rounds

Thursday, March 21, 2013
Good Morning everyone!

So I know it has been forever since I've blogged and I'm so sorry that I've been so out of touch for a while.

I have some important updates for everyone regarding Beautiful Nightmares and 13 Rounds.

These two books seem to be the ones I get the most inquiries about and while I try to keep up with it all there are moments where I become highly overwhelmed and struggle a little bit to keep everyone in the loop and for that I'm truly sorry and am doing the best I can to work on that.

You know, when I first started writing I never expected there to be such an amazing response to my books. I wrote for me, because I love it, because being a writer is a huge part of who I am and something about myself that I can't and don't want to change. I didn't expect to gain such a devoted and passionate group of readers who love reading my books as much as I love writing them.

And for that, I'm eternally grateful.

There are moments, I'm not going to lie, where I feel too overwhelmed to continue on writing. But it's always the support from my fans that keeps me going. I am humbled and awed every day by the patience and support from my fans. I even cry from time to time when I get an uplifting message or good review lol. I can't say thank you enough. So, even if I fall off the wagon for a short time...I promise you I'll get right back up and dust myself off. I'm sorry for the delay again on a few of my books and I assure I am working on them.

As most of you know, I got a publishing deal for a few books...

Now for the first....

I do have a new novel releasing with Swoon Romance titled - You Found Me

This will be released in the Summer of 2013 and it is the first of my books to be published by Swoon.

It's up on Goodreads and you can add it here.

Now for Beautiful Nightmares... I do know for sure that this novel will be released in September of 2013. The publisher set the date and while I don't have the exact date, I know it will be released at the end of the month opposed to the beginning.

13 Rounds is one that I do not have a date for yet, but I promise as soon as I do, I'll let everyone know. Same with A Whisper To A Scream 2, and all of the other sequels.

Once again, thanks to everyone for their continued support and I hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. I'm just glad to know there will be a 13 Rounds because, no pressure here, but I've been waiting for fooooor-ever!!! FOR EVER. OK, I'll alright now. Just a slight meltdown. YOU keep up the good work and WE, your fans, will *ahem* calmly await all the new books. Really. Calmly. Oh who am I kidding - HURRY UP. No pressure, tho, really.

  1. Can't wait for Beautiful Nightmares! Squee!

  1. may ba said...:

    Famished will never have a sequel right? I have the book and lliked it but upon closer look on your. Blog its like it never existed. Id love to know l!

  1. Cheers for this! I'll definitely have this 13 Rounds♥
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